Solo – Be your own partner-

This workshop will give you the tools to build a clear and strutured solo improvisation. Presence, body awareness and sensory alertness will be the basic foundation from which the creative material for the piece will be developed. Simple exercises will stimulate your ability to produce a wide spectrum of material including movement, voice or language and will give you the skills to combine them in an integrated way. You will learn to use your imagination to transform fears and jugdments, which normally block the flow of an improvisation, in to an additional resource for finding expressive possibilities.

You will learn to shape in space the communicated content – exploring possibilities of changing body level and direction – and make a choreographic architecture. You will become aware of the unfolding of your actions in time in order to simultaneously give life to, follow and develop the theme of the piece. Performing in front of a partner, you will give and receive constructive feedback in order to reinforce the understanding of your own choices during your solo.